WorldCereal products

Seasonally-updated layers

The WorldCereal system builds a hierarchy of seasonally-updated layers.

The first product is a base layer of an temporary crops which shows all temporary cropland areas in a specific zone over a one year period. Next to this annual product, WorldCereal provides several season-specific products including maize, winter cereals, spring cereals, active cropland and active irrigation.

  • Temporary crop winter cereals: active cropland layer, active irrigation and winter cereals
  • Temporary crop maize main: active cropland, active irrigation, spring cereal and maize
  • Zones that have a temporary crop maize second season: active cropland, active irrigation and maize

Discover all the products via the WorldCereal interactive online viewer.

WorldCereal season-specific products


Season Product Remarks
tc-annual Temporary crops maps  

Winter cereals map
Active cropland map
Active irrigation map

Considered as the main cereals season
tc-maize-main /
Maize map
Spring cereals map
Active cropland map
Active irrigation map
Only in parts of Northern hemisphere
tc-maize-second Maize map
Active cropland map
Active irrigation map


Download and process WorldCereal data via openEO

WorldCereal products are available for download and processing in the openEO platform.

You can request a free trial account to get started immediately.
The download functionality is available through a wizard or via an easy to use Python API.

openEO Wizard

Log in to the editor via Select 'Wizard', and choose 'Download Data', this opens a 5 step process

  • Step 1: Search for collections by entering 'WorldCereal', choose one
  • Step 2: Select an area of interest. Make sure to limit it to up to 500x500km, as very large areas would take very long to process
  • Step 3: Choose next, the default time range is fine
  • Step 4: Choose Geotiff or netCDF as file format
  • Step 5: Choose Batch jobs

When the wizard is finished, a new batch job shows up, click the 'play' button to start processing. As soon as the processing is finished, you can download the resulting files via the 'i' button.

WorldCereal Jupyter Notebook

As an example of the Python API, please have a look at this jupyter notebook: 

You can also read more about openEO at or check openEO related questions on the openEO forum at