Towards global and generic crop calendars for temporary crops

As the focus of the WorldCereal project is moving from the demonstration of global crop type mapping for maize and wheat towards an operational and generic crop type mapping system, the WorldCereal crop calendars are undergoing major changes.

Short survey on in-situ reference data for crop mapping

WorldCereal is gathering feedback on your experiences in searching and working with in-situ reference data. Check the online survey and share your feedback. 

Join the webinar on WorldCereal Phase II

The WorldCereal team announces the first webinar of a new WorldCereal Phase II webinar series. Discover more and register to learn more about WorldCereal Phase II.

Continuation of ESA WorldCereal to support global crop mapping

Since December 2023 ESA WorldCereal has entered a new 3-year phase in which the consortium primarily aims to boost user uptake of the system by the broad agricultural monitoring community.

WorldCereal final report available

The WorldCereal Final Report is now available. Read the final report to find out more about the results of two-year research on the development of WorldCereal.

Official release ESA WorldCereal products

Thursday 20 April 2023 the European Space agency and the WorldCereal Consortium hosted a webinar to officially present the WorldCereal products.

Register for the WorldCereal Final Meeting and Workshop

The WorldCereal consortium is pleased to invite you to the WorldCereal Final Meeting and Workshop. Register to be able to join 22-23 of November 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland.

WorldCereal global wheat and maize crop calendars available

At the heart of the automated WorldCereal processing system, the crop calendars for wheat and maize define start and end of the different growing seasons.

WorldCereal @ ESA Living Planet Symposium

We're counting down to the ESA Living Planet Symposium which will take place on 23-27 May in Bonn, Germany.


Validation of the large scale demonstration finished

In preparation of the global demonstration, the ESA WorldCereal team has finished the validation of the large scale demonstration. The results were discussed during the WorldCereal Prototype Review Meeting, which was held on December 7, 2021.

WorldCereal's first user workshop

The WorldCereal consortium is organizing its first user workshop on November 16, 2021.

Join the WorldCereal team at ESA’s Phi Week

Next week ESA is organizing the fourth edition of the Φ-week. Join the WorldCereal team to discover more about the project’s progress and next steps.