Scientific papers

Here we list all scientific papers published by the WorldCereal consortium:

  • Van Tricht, K., Degerickx, J., Gilliams, S., Zanaga, D., Battude, M., Grosu, A., Brombacher, J., Lesiv, M., Bayas, J. C. L., Karanam, S., Fritz, S., Becker-Reshef, I., Franch, B., Mollà-Bononad, B., Boogaard, H., Pratihast, A. K., and Szantoi, Z. (2023). WorldCereal: a dynamic open-source system for global-scale, seasonal, and reproducible crop and irrigation mapping, Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss.
  • See, L., Gilliams, S., Conchedda, G., Degerickx, J., Van Tricht, K., Fritz, S., Lesiv, M., Laso Bayas, J.C., Rosero, J., Tubiello, F.N., and Szantoi, Z. (2023). Dynamic global-scale crop and irrigation monitoring. Nature Food.
  • Boogaard H., Pratihast A.K., Laso Bayas J.C., Karanam S., Fritz S., Van Tricht K., Degerickx J., Gilliams S. (2023). Building a community-based open harmonised reference data repository for global crop mapping. PLoS ONE 18(7): e0287731.
  • Cintas, J., Franch, B., Van Tricht, K., Boogaard, H., Degerickx, J., Becker-Reshef, I., Moletto-Lobos, I., Mollà-Bononad, B., Sobrino, J.A., Gilliams, S., Szantoi, Z. (2023). TRANCO: Thermo radiometric normalization of crop observations. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 118, 103283.
  • Franch, B., Cintas, J., Becker-Reshef, I., Sanchez-Torres, M.J., Roger, J., Skakun, S., Sobrino, J.A., Van Tricht, K., Degerickx, J., Gilliams, S., Koetz, B., Szantoi, Z. & Whitcraft, A. (2022). Global crop calendars of maize and wheat in the framework of the WorldCereal project, GIScience & Remote Sensing, 59:1, 885-913,