About WorldCereal

WorldCereal Phase I to demonstrate feasibility of global crop mapping

In 2023 ESA WorldCereal released the first dynamic system to provide cropland and crop type maps at 10 meter spatial resolution. The WorldCereal consortium succeeded in providing detailed and seasonally updated global maps of temporary crops, crop type (maize, winter cereals and spring cereals) and irrigation for the year 2021. In the process, WorldCereal also released a fully open, harmonized database of in-situ reference data related to land cover, crop type and irrigation.

WorldCereal Phase II to boost user uptake

As from December 2023, the WorldCereal consortium will focus on system improvements (with full integration of the processing pipelines in OpenEO), increasing user-friendliness, supporting more crop types and performing several user engagement activities. With these activities, WorldCereal Phase II aims to boost user uptake of the system by the broad agricultural monitoring community.