Official release ESA WorldCereal products

Thursday 20 April 2023 the European Space agency and the WorldCereal Consortium hosted a webinar to officially present the WorldCereal products. During this webinar they explained more about the WorldCereal products, methodology, validation and interactive WorldCereal viewer.

Official Release of the WorldCereal products and system

On Behalf of the European Space agency and the WorldCereal Consortium we are glad to present the first global seasonal updated temporary crop and crop type (maize and cereals) maps. These maps are based on the EU-Copernicus satellites (Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2) in combination with NASA’s Landsat data.

Did you miss the release? View the webinar recording below.

Webinar Agenda:

•    Introduction of the WorldCereal project
•    In situ data harmonization and use
•    Methodology and products
•    Validation
•    WorldCereal viewer
•    Q&A

Preview of the ESA WorldCereal viewer