Global production and validation

The community can expect a new, improved, extended and validated suite of global WorldCereal products.

A suite of global WorldCereal products

Near the end of WorldCereal Phase II, the improved processing system will be put to the final stress-test: producing a new global suite of WorldCereal products for the year 2023 or 2024, including temporary crops, active cropland and eleven crop type products (maize, winter cereals, spring cereals, sunflower, rapeseed, millet, sorghum, wheat, barley, rye and soybean). 

Product validation

During Phase I, the collection of sufficient and spatially well-spread samples to perform a decent quantitative product validation has proven difficult, especially for crop type products. Therefore, in Phase II, aside from our continued effort to encourage the community of sharing reference data, we will focus more on adoption and extension of AI tools to automatically identify land cover and crop type information from street-view imagery, provided through e.g. Mapillary (see figure).

WorldCereal street view to automatically identify land cover and crop type
Example street view imagery containing crop and non-crop objects, illustrating the difficulty of automatically identifying crop type information.