In-situ data for global crop mapping

WorldCereal counts on the global agricultural monitoring community to share high-quality in-situ data to train and validate the custom-developed crop classification algorithms.

Engaging the user community

To kickstart the WorldCereal project, the team organized an online agricultural survey to collect as many reference data as possible, and performed interviews with key user to refine the user requirements.

Agricultural data inventory

We are currently making an inventory of agricultural reference datasets. In particular, we are looking for spatially explicit information on land cover (cropland extent), crop type and irrigation practices. If you are willing and able to share a d

ESA Tender 'WorldCereal' granted

ESA's new project 'WorldCereal' is officially kicked off during a virtual meeting June 5, 2020. Discover more about WorldCereal and how we will develop an open-source, efficient, agile and robust EO based system to timely monitor the global cropla