Webinars & trainings

WorldCereal webinars

The WorldCereal webinar series will consist of several online events and represents a key tool for keeping the broad user community up-to-date with the progress and achievements of the project.

  • Webinar 18 April 2024: WorldCereal Phase II - What to expect and how to contribute?

    In the first webinar, which was organized on April 18, 2024, the WorldCereal team summarized the major achievements of WorldCereal Phase I (2020-2023), explained the objectives and activities planned for Phase II (2024-2026) and highlighted how the user community (you!) can get involved.

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Massive Open Online Courses

The WorldCereal team will organize three distinct Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The goal of these courses is to provide a broad conceptual background to the topic of (global) cropland mapping and monitoring for any interested user.

Topics that will be addressed in these MOOCs include (1) field data collection, harmonization and model training; (2) how to use the WorldCereal system for crop type mapping and (3) validation and downstream user applications (statistics, yield estimation, food security).

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Face-to-face trainings

At least three face-to-face trainings will be organized in collaboration with key stakeholders and likely adopters of the WorldCereal system. The thematic focus of the trainings will be on (1) field data collection and (2) use of the WorldCereal system. 

If you are interested about hosting such a training event, get in touch with our team!

Technical trainings

These dedicated trainings will be organized for specific and highly interested users and will cover all technical steps required to set up and run the WorldCereal system, either as cloud-based or stand-alone processing system. The trainings will be accompanied with hands-on notebooks and tutorials showcasing the different steps involved. 

If you are interested in hosting such a training event within your organization, get in touch with our team!